About us

The National Association of Compass is a Constituent body of the National Parents Council (Post Primary) representing all parents who choose to educate their children in schools or colleges which promote a Protestant or a minority ethos.

There are 27 such affiliated schools in the Republic of Ireland. Most schools have elected parent representatives on their Boards of Management. You can see our schools here

Below are some of the objectives of COMPASS

The objectives of the Compass shall be:

2.1 To provide a national forum for all Parents/Guardians, Parents Associations and Parent members of Parent/Teacher Associations in Protestant or Minority Religion Secondary schools in the Republic of Ireland.

2.2 To elect Protestant and Minority Religion delegates onto the National Parents Council post primary Ltd (NPCpp).

2.3 To represent the parents and guardians of children attending Protestant and Minority Religion post primary schools on any National Parents Organisations concerned with education.

2.4 To consult with the Protestant churches involved in Education, with the Jewish Community Leaders, and other Minority Religious Group Leaders who make themselves known.

2.5 To elect delegates to represent Compass in discussions or negotiations with any other National bodies.

If you would like any further information about COMPASS then please feel free to contact us here