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03/04/2020 Compass Parents

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Education During Covid19 School Closure 2020

Introduction and Disclaimer

We are in unprecedented times and faced with a scenario none of us could have ever imagined. The NPCPP is anxious to learn about your experience to date regarding the education of your young person at home. 

Before completing this survey please ask your young person/persons to what extent they have had communication with the school to give concrete clarification regarding various questions posed throughout the survey.

The NPCPP welcomes your participation so that we can present your experiences to the relevant Constituency Bodies of the National Parents Council Post Primary (COMPASS, CSSPA, ETBsNPA, and PACCS) and other Educational Partners

Thank you in anticipation of your carefully considered response to the survey questions.
By completing this survey you give your consent for the information collected to be utilised by the National Parents Council Post Primary (NPCPP) CLG for public release.
Confidentiality and anonymity of responses will be upheld, in compliance with GDPR and the NPCPP’s Privacy Notice, and no information relating to respondents will be shared with external partners or Third Parties.
Please note that the purpose of this survey is not to collect personal information for the purpose of retention by the NPCPP, and email addresses are requested in the interest of transparency and to ensure that there are no duplicate submissions.
This survey is being hosted on an online platform, to which only the staff of the NPCPP have access. All information collected will be stored in a password protected file using cloud based technology, with access only to those staff of the NPCPP, or members of the Board of Directors, if required. If you wish to withdraw from participation in this survey, please exit at any point. If you have concerns in relation to this survey, please contact