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21/04/2018 Compass Parents

STEM in Post-Primary: A Pathway to Success

This Conference will equip parents with the knowledge to assist students on choosing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM). 


Jonathan Swift Theatre, Trinity College Dublin

Saturday 21st April 201810am – 1pm


Registration from 9:40am


   Geoffrey Browne, NPCpp President, Chair


• Theresa Heffernan, Science Coordinator for the School ofEducation TCD will examine the teaching and learning of STEMsubjects in schools from the parents’ perspective


• Karen Murtagh, Department of Education and Skills will focus onthe priority given to STEM education, the work already underway, the aims and ambitions for 2017-2026


• Peter Jackson, Author, and STEM subject Teacher, will explain the Ten Commandments of Study Patterns, informing parents as to how to ensure their students’ success in STEM subjects at state examinations


• Emily Neenan, a young seismologist who is researching Education and Outreach at TCD School of Education, will reveal the guiding influences along her pathway to becoming a successful scientist


• Jackie O’ Dowd, Programme Manager for Science Foundation Irelands Smart Futures (National Collaboration Programme) will tell where parents and teachers can find the relevant information to help their students make STEM career choices


         Concludes approximately 1 pm with Q & A and a panel discussionwith speakers.